About blog

So here we are in my small virtual laboratory, where I am making some analysis of and sampling of the data related to human health, and I am a mad professor who created it.

That might seem a strange idea to you to make a new something that has already been dome many times by others, but this is just my passion, so I cannot avoid doing that. What you will find here in my small lab are various pieces of useful information extracted both from literature sources and from other Internet publications and my counterpart blogs. However what is different in my resource – this is a very careful and precise categorization – i.e. data is not dumped in bulk, but is divided into sections like sport and health, medicines and health, cosmetics, household chemistry, food and many others.
In case you just want to know how to take some pills you won’t need to look through tons of useless rubbish, but just organize a search by a word, let’s say penicillin and see if anything good can be found for you.

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay and remember the rules of behavior in a health lab – be polite to others, persistent and ask the manager if anything is unclear – and you will find everything you are looking for.